Daraz.com.np a top eCommerce company in Nepal 2018

Daraz.com.np a top eCommerce company in Nepal-2018

Daraz.com.np a top eCommerce company in Nepal 2018 and was recently acquired by Alibaba group. Rajeev Amatya leads the company as the Managing director of the company and also is stated as co-founder for Nepal. Daraz Nepal was established to meet shopping needs of the people who had no time to visit offline market and yet wanted quality product of their choice delivered to their door steps.

Few years ago on September 2013 Kaymu Nepal was Re-modeled to Daraz Nepal and since than it has never looked back.  It’s constantly increasing it’s service area and product  variety and now after being merged into Alibaba group it’s moral has even grown higher and working aggressively to stamp it’s position permanently in Nepalese market.

Daraz.com.np a top eCommerce company in Nepal 2018

Competitors like Sastodeal, esewapasal and Muncha seems to be fall behind in the race by substantial margin.  Daraz has been running constant offers and providing discount for public which acts as the main source for the traffic to their website. Nepal is yet to see the peak phase of e-commerce and company like Daraz can only take forward and closer towards it.

Main hindrances for company like daraz in Nepal is the high internet data rate which restricts internet usage of the common public leading to less traffic to their website. Many people in Nepal are yet to get use to online shopping as they feel buying products offline is risk free and safe. Daraz has 7 days return and replacement policy to negate such risk but it hasn’t created major impact. The other problem is limited source of digital payment in Nepal due to restrictive nature of government for digital payment systems.

The positive  thing is that number of online shoppers are increasing everyday and along with it number of seller integrating to daraz are increasing as well. The product variety on daraz includes electronics, clothing, furniture and recently they have construction material as well.

The lacking of daraz Nepal is less product variety, average quality of product. It need to improve it’s service rather than focus on price based sales and competition. Average delivery period is 3-5 days which is too long for small region like Nepal where express delivery service can be provided easily.

Daraz.com.np a top eCommerce company in Nepal 2018



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